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Search Function- search text in Excel


The SEARCH function is used to provide the location of a single or combination of words within a given text string. Unlike the FIND function, the SEARCH function does not consider the case sensitivity of the Text.


The SEARCH function’s syntax has the following arguments:

  • find_text Required.

The specific text/ word(s)/ character you are looking for. In our example in the image above, the word “A” is find_text argument.

  • within_text Required

The text-string in which you want to search for the value of the find_text argument. In our example, the with_text argument is referred to as Cell A.

  • start_num Optional

The character number in the text string argument at which you want to start searching. In the above example we by providing “3” as a start_num, we wanted the SEARCH function to start its search after the 3rd character.  

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