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Get number of Row in a range


The Excel ROW function tells the row number of a referred cell.  On the other hand, the ROWS function returns the number of rows within a given array.Both these Excel positioning functions are use full for dynamic excel modeling and make the input of other nested functions e.g. VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP



The ROW(s) function’s syntax has the following arguments:

for ROW function

  • reference Optional

Reference is the Cell or a range, against which, the row number is being looked up.

In our example given in the image cell, C3 is a reference. 

As providing a reference in the ROW function is optional, therefore if it is not provided, Excel automatically takes the present cell as reference.

Further, if the provided reference is a range of cells instead of a single cell, then the ROW function returns the number of the 1st row in the referenced range.

for ROWS function

  • array Required

The reference to the range, against which, the number of rows is being sought for.

In the example of the image given above, the reference range is from cell B4:E6.   

Providing reference in a text string, Excel will return the #NAME error.

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