Excel FunctionsExcel ROUNDDOWN Function

Excel ROUNDDOWN Function


The Excel ROUNDDOWN function rounds a fractional number to a specified number of digits.

The Excel ROUNDDOWN Function is similar to the other ROUNDING FUNCTION (e.g. ROUND and ROUNDUP ) except in this function digit after point/ fraction is rounded down to specified digits.

In the second example, of the above image, the given fractional number (i.e. 32.3546) is required to be rounded to three digits, and the 4th digit is 6 (greater than 5). So instead of following the general principle of rounding numbers, this function did not round up the 3rd digit and kept it the same (i.e. 4).


The ROUND function’s syntax has the following arguments:

  • number Required.

This argument shall be the fractional number or reference to the fractional number you want to round. In the example given in the image above the number “32.3546” and the cell B4 (i.e. reference to the number) is our required argument.

  • num-digit Required.

The number of digits till we want to round our required number.

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