Excel IFNA function


Excel IFNA Function is a logical function. 

IFNA function works based on IF logical statement.

If a logical statement meets the required criteria, then a specific value is returned, otherwise, the other given value is returned.

Similarly, in Excel IFNA Function, if the required criteria i.e. the referred cell contain NA ERROR, is met, this function returns the specified value, otherwise, the value of the referred cell is returned.   

NOTE:- The IFNA function is different from the Excel IFERROR function as in the latter function, all types of errors are tested as criteria, whereas in this function (i.e. IFNA) only NA error is tested and returned a value if the argument is NA error. 


The Excel IFNA function’s syntax has the following arguments:

  • Value Required.

This shall be an argument that is being tested against the required criteria i.e. if the argument is an error.

  • value_if_#na Required.

The specified value to return if the argument referred is an  #N/A error.

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